Ms. Danforth's Class

School Supplies List


Traditional Supplies

1 - 5 subject notebook

1 pack mechanical pencils + extra lead*

1 pack pens

1 pack highlighters

1 pink bar eraser or mechanical eraser

1 pack "twistable" colored pencils

1 pencil box

1 plastic 3-prong folder with pockets

1 - 2 pocket folder

1 bottle liquid glue




Tech Supplies

1 mouse (preferably WITH a cord)

headphones/earbuds with microphone



Optional Supplies

a personal copy of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (if you want to write in your book)

unscented hand sanitizer

1 pair scissors



*Heads up: We will not be using ANY pencil sharpeners this year. Mechanical pencils are the ONLY pencils we will be using. Make sure you buy the correct size refill lead.

Essential Gamer Supplies


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